HDU 6447 YJJ’s Salesman

  • 2018-08-28
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YJJ is a salesman who has traveled through western country. YJJ is always on journey. Either is he at the destination, or on the way to destination. One day, he is going to travel from city A to southeastern city B. Let us assume that A is (0,0) on the rectangle map and B (109,109). YJJ is so busy so he never turn back or go twice the same way, he will only move to east, south or southeast, which means, if YJJ is at (x,y) now (0≤x≤109,0≤y≤109), he will only forward to (x+1,y), (x,y+1) or (x+1,y+1). On the rectangle map from (0,0) to (109,109), there are several villages scattering on the map. Villagers will do business deals with salesmen from northwestern, but not northern or western. In mathematical language, this means when there is a village k on (xk,yk) (1≤xk≤109,1≤yk≤109), only the one who was from (xk−1,yk−1) to (xk,yk) will be able to earn vk dollars.(YJJ may get different number of dollars from different village.) YJJ has no time to plan the path, can you help him to find maximum of dollars YJJ can get.


The first line of the input contains an integer T (1≤T≤10),which is the number of test cases. In each case, the first line of the input contains an integer N (1≤N≤105).The following N lines, the k-th line contains 3 integers, xk,yk,vk (0≤vk≤103), which indicate that there is a village on (xk,yk) and he can get vk dollars in that village. The positions of each village is distinct.


The maximum of dollars YJJ can get.

Sample Input:

1 1 1
1 2 2
3 3 1

Sample Output:



题目数据范围很大,最大能够达到10^9\times 10^9的矩阵大小,但是由于只进行最大10^5的输入,所以矩阵的宽和高最多有10^5个数据,因此进行离散化将10^9 \times 10^9的矩阵大小离散到10^5 \times 10^5的矩阵大小范围上,由于[1e5][1e5]大小的二维矩阵数组也开不出来,所以我们按行进行每列更新dp数组的值